Before I start the post, I just want to say that after my post yesterday about fiber I found myself at 19 grams after dinner last night.  I shoot for 25-35...Crap!  I will admit, my mind quickly went to the fiber one bar I have reserved for emergencies.  But no! Because I was talking to all of you, I decided to eat my fave blueberries and cream recipe, with the added bonus of flax seed meal.  I have to admit that the flax took away from the awesome blueberries. But I was proud to have found a natural source of fiber to satisfy my sweet craving!

Starting today, I am going to leave my workouts in your hands.  What do you need to do?  Add a comment!  That's all, I will work out 1 minute for each comment you leave.  So, lurkers, time to come out of the shadows and make me work by bum off!  I need a reason to stay on the elliptical/take a walk, and challenges definitely get me motivated.  I've already 'promised' chubby chick that I will do 10 minutes a day, so your comments will add to that 10 minutes.  I will make this an open challenge and every morning I'll tally the comments from the previous day and work out that much that night!

Wanna see me sweat?  Leave a comment.