Media and Weight

In my review of Julie and Julia I forgot to mention two things.  First, oh my gosh, the chewing noises!  I have a thing about chewing noises and they were amplified by like a million at the beginning of the movie (it got better or I got over it) did anyone else notice this?

Second, there were mentions throughout about both Julie and Julia gaining weight and being larger.  This totally bugged me!  I do understand that both actresses are extremely thin in real life, reports have it that Meryl Streep gained 15 pounds for the movie.  But really? 15 pounds? That's it?  The article finishes by mentioning how Streep has lost weight before after films and maybe she can give advice to Amy Adams on shedding the weight (I did respect that Adams said she didn't weigh herself and just made sure the costumes fit).

I hate how there is this much focus on the weight gained for the movie, and how that overshadows interesting pieces from the set.  Better yet, I'd love more stories on Julia Child and her history, she was a pioneer so why are we busy talking about her weight?  Also, I wonder what Julie Powell thinks about the talk about her weight like this?

What do you think about the stories and the focus on the weight gain?