As I said last night, Dan and I headed back to Le Central.  We love this place.   The place is deceptively big, however, we noticed a lot of people walking towards the restaurant and were nervous that we wouldn’t get in!  Thankfully, because there were just two of us we got in right away.  Turns out tons of people were going to see Julie and Julia and deciding to eat French food.  I am always happy when places I enjoy get a lot of business because then they stick around!

Dan immediately suggested we try Escargot.  So we ordered Escargots Bourguignons.
food 018
Oh my gosh.  I mean, really anything cooked in butter and garlic is amazing but this was definitely the star of the evening.
food 020
The brown on the plate was done on purpose by the chef. But check out that bowl.  Thank goodness I was sharing with a triathlete that needed extra fat and calories in his diet!  He sopped up almost all of it.  We were talking about how much more diverse our diet has gotten since we met, and even more recently, since we went to Italy.  Thank goodness, cause there is so tasty food out there!  Boy was it amazing.
food 021
It was about at this point that I was glad I climbed the stairs today!  But, our main course hadn’t even come.
food 019
Dan decided to order the Midi Moules et Frites
food 024
and I chose the Fromage (again!)  It was at this point that I was glad we walked there!
food 023
I was feeling insecure about taking pictures inside the restaurant, and then I realized the crowd was mostly people coming from Julie and Julia so the concept of a food blogger is probably not foreign to these people.

I did notice a table of diners where they had a  huge plate of steamed broccoli and then later a huge plate of what looked like whipped egg whites.  No point to that but it was WEIRD! 

After our very full walk home we sat on the balcony and could see some amazing thunder and lightning from our balcony.  It was beautiful.  It was also many miles away.  We could hear no thunder, and it wasn’t raining.  Dan realized yesterday that our balcony is amazing and peaceful and wonderful and he’s now on board to spend quality time out there.

We are soooo full.  Hoping to digest more before we go to bed!