i am blue

Not sad blue, blue blue.  As in, my skin is blue.  This weekend I was reading up on all my magazines and in an issue of Real Simple they mentioned the need to wash new clothes before wearing them because the ink can leak onto your skin.  Sounded like good advice.  Fast Forward to yesterday, I was excited to put a new set of sheets on the bed ($9 for a King set of sheets at Ross!) 


The husband was hating the paisley sheets I had on the bed before so I decided to change the sheets for him.  And well, I hate doing laundry.  It’s not like anyone tried on the sheets before I bought them, so I did like I always do and put these awesome blue striped sheets on the bed.  You all know where I’m going with this.  I woke up blue!  Mostly my hands and feet, oh and my elbows. SO BLUE.  Oops.  However, I reached another all time low this morning on the scale! so yay!


Breakfast was the same, a Mix 1 and some grapes.

food 010


food 003

Lunch was leftovers from Friday.  They were a bit better but not awesome. Meh

food 006

Dessert was an Ezekiel English muffin

food 001

I needed a little ‘something’ before dinner so I opened up one of the bottles of POMx Pomegranate Blackberry Tea that the nice people at POM sent me.  Oh my gosh, these are so great!  I love regular POM but this is even better.  Full review to come!

food 014

Dinner was Egyptian Spiced Chicken another fabulous clean eating recipe.  YUM.

food 025

One thing I noticed about these super close ups is that you have no idea how MUCH I’m eating.  This was 2.4 ounces.

food 028

I had a side of asparagus.  So good!

food 033

Yay for super macro!  Just think about what I can do once I learn more about the basics of photography.


Have you ever had clothing die leak on you?  Or have you turned an embarrassing color?