His and Hers

I did the stairs again!  I'll mix it up and do something different tomorrow, although I kinda really like the stairs.  I did manage to turn down more work food, they looked delicious, but I'm trying to turn down as much as possible! (Although I'm sure my coworkers that did partake enjoyed the fact that I turned it down)

I decided to make an experiment out of breakfast this morning.  Of course I started with Mix 1, but I added chia seeds...
I've been running out of calories before getting enough fiber in, so I decided to add it in to my fave breakfast
This was fun although an entire serving of chia was probably too much, it got a little clumpy (the chia not the Mix 1, the Mix 1 was tasty).  After this experiment I started mindlessly eating these giant grapes
These are so tasty.  But halfway through I got SO FULL.  Oh my gosh it was uncomfortable. As a result I was able to postpone lunch.  My lunch was much of the same
Tonight Dan was home waiting for me with dinner ready so we were able to eat together!  We never eat together during the week!  In honor of the occasion I decided to take pictures of both of our plates for comparison, today wasn't so drastic.
Yeah, he heats more than twice what I do...The pork chops you are looking at are one of his signature recipes that he actually made for our first Valentine's Day.  (I don't know why the pic is upside down....)
It was one of the recipes his mom made for him growing up.   Speaking of Dan's mom, she's a writer and now that my blog is public and our real life people know about it I decided to add a link to her website on here, so go check her out!