Food Inc….

Amy H over at No to the Deuce gave me this really sweet award. Thanks Amy!

Lovely Blog Award

It says that I have to pass it on to 15 people, but I can’t name only 15 people, and I really want to name only those bloggers that haven’t gotten it yet.  So, if you are reading this and haven’t (or have) gotten this award yet. It’s yours!  I swear there are like 100 blogs I follow and learn so much from.  So thank you all!


I know I owe you all a recipe for the delicious tart we had last night, but that’ll have to wait.  I spent the night with some friends watching Food, Inc. and well. I have a LOT of thinking to do.  As I have said, I was a vegetarian for like 5 years because of the cruelty I read about in the factory farming industry.


The movie seemed to barely skim the surface on a whole world of issues that should be considered.  I’m definitely considering a more intentional way of eating.  However, funds need to be considered and availability of options.


So. Yeah, that’s my review. Pretty crappy review, huh?  I figure the choices that we will be making will be review enough, right?  There is just so much to consider beyond the visceral reaction from an emotional movie.  But there is so much food for thought that the movie brought up that deserves serious consideration.


Watch this movie. It’s gonna get you thinking!  If you’ve seen it, what do you think?