Final Set of faves

Hope you are all enjoying my favorite pictures!


Fun Sugar-Free Gummies, if I wouldn’t eat them I would buy more for fun!



We made a terrible egg dish with these eggs, but I like how all the yolks look!



We also made a marshmallow dish last Thanksgiving (pre-blog)  But Marshmallows are so photogenic!



Just last week I worked my way through a box of pierogies.  Totally harkening back to my Pittsburgh background!

food 021


What collection would be complete without grapes.  I do eat them daily!

food 019


Unfortunately corn isn’t really in season anymore, but boy did I enjoy it while it was!

food 034


So, what do you guys think?  Which are your faves of the bunch!  I wish I could go back and retake some of the shots to make them all perfect, but alas.  I can not!  Going forward I will!