domino effect

Oops.  There were two cakes in the office today.  It was about 3:30 when I caved.  I went into the kitchen and cut off an inch wide two inch long piece.  Worst part is, most of the icing was scraped off and the cake was just meh.  There was fruit on top, and the fruit was oh so tasty.  So, really, I would have loved some fresh fruit.  Boy the calories I would have saved.

But that wasn't all.  I was hungrier AFTER I had the cake than I was before.  Stupid cake.  The whole walk home I was starving.  I took the stairs and unlike every other day, was still super hungry.  So I snacked while I was waiting for dinner.  One bad decision led to another. and another.  I'm glad I walked the stairs at least.

My food was much of the same except that I had a tasty Colorado peach as part of my breakfast, yum!
Lunch was leftover pork chops, v8, trail mix, prunes (unpictured) and cake (also unpictured).
Dinner wasn't well pictured since I couldn't get to my balcony :(  I said I was starving.  So I had some microwave grits while I was waiting for dinner.
Dinner was chicken and an artichoke
I think I've tamed the beast now.  (Thank goodness).  Happy Thursday all!  Sorry if you are having trouble getting to my blog! Hang in there until the transition is complete!