Does my husband make me fat?

The other day my dad emailed me this article from the Daily Beast about relationships contributing to weight gain.  The author states that men are susceptible to weight gain in the first 12 months, but women just continue to get fatter and fatter.  I've been overweight since my parents got divorced when I was seven.  I think it's safe to say, Dan has nothing to do with my weight.

I can tell the the article is geared to skinny people that find themselves gain weight after a relationship and not necessarily for people with chronic weight conditions.  Ex-hot Girl wrote the other day about how fat people are experts on healthy eating.  And boy do I agree with her, it may seem to be incongruous that people struggling the most are the most aware of what they should do.  But, it is true, we have spent so much time counting calories and reading healthy living books/magazines/articles.  So why doesn't it work?  It's more than just following a few simple rules.  The complexities behind why we gain weight and why some people don't are a combination of emotional and physical factors.

This is why I felt like, if the article was geared towards people really struggling with their weight, the list was a bit patronizing.  In a well, duh sort of way.  Like the suggestion to step on the scale, keep healthy food in the cupboard, stock up on high-satiety foods, cut down on high calorie food, eat at home more and exercise.  I guess that for someone that just gained weight for the first time in their life this could possibly be eye opening.  But really?  Eat less caloric food and exercise?  This is as basic as it gets.

However, this leads me to think about the Time article that I've been avoiding talking about.  Where the Time article could be taken the wrong way, at least this article reinforces positive changes.

I think it's interesting though that so many of us are in relationships and embarking on this journey for our spouses/children.  That it is in fact our relationships that are the reason we want to get healthy.

What do you think about this article?  Did you find your relationship to make you gain weight/encourage you to lose weight?