Day Off

I’m always sad when weekends come to the end…This weekend was especially rejuvenating and I’m thankful for all the sleep I got!  Unfortunately, it was the last weekend hubs and I are spending together until my friend’s wedding in September!  (He’ll be back during the weeks, just not on the weekends). 


While hubs is traveling I’m going to spend some time sprucing up the blog, what would you like to see more of? less of?  I’d love to hear some good input!  While I’m at it, I’m starting a new semi-regular feature on Fat Buster, Triathlete Tuesday. 


As you may know, Dan’s a pro triathlete here in Denver and he’s got some great teammates and tri friends, some of whom have offered to guest post!  Tomorrow you will hear from Jordan Jones, he’s got a tasty recipe to share with you all!


I started today with some Oikos, Just Blueberries and fiber one caramel delight.

food 006

This held me until about one. I decided we needed to work on the corn more as well as the hotdogs…

food 012

Boy are these hotdogs tasty!

food 014

Then we went to the doc to get my blood tested again.  I was down to 1.8! Crap!  I need to up my meds (doctors order) and come back in two weeks.  Boy I hate having DVT!  It is really disruptive, expensive and annoying!


For dinner we tried the Clean Eating Eggplant Parmesan with Bulgur and Pine Nuts.  We are trying to go meatless at a couple dinners a week.  Boy was this a success! I remember when TJ made it, and I’ve been excited to try it ever since!

food 070

One serving is one stack and a half cup of bulgur mixture.

food 072

I was around to help Dan cook tonight, so stay tuned for a photo recipe post of this DELICIOUS recipe!  What a great ending to the weekend.  I can’t wait until lunch tomorrow.