As you all know, I love my photography.  I’ve been getting annoyed at my camera’s restrictions lately and dreaming of a dSLR.  But, before I prepared to shell out the big bucks I wanted to do some research on the lenses I already own for my 35 mm SLR and research on photography in general (thanks for the book idea Shauna!)


In the process I realized that I can barely use half the functions on my Canon Powershot S5IS.  So, while most of you were out ‘doing things’ with people, I was home reading the users manual to my current camera.  I had no idea that I could attach a telephoto or wide angle or macro lens.  I also had no idea that I had a super macro feature!  I had a great time playing around with my breakfast photos.


food 007

look at how close I was able to go!

food 005

I was also excited about my breakfast combo.  At the grocery story I found a Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick bar.  YUM.  So I crumbled half of the bar with one serving of All bran Bran Buds and a serving of chia seeds.

food 014

A crazy delicious combo. This wasn’t breakfast, it was definitely dessert!


I also spent a good chunk of time finishing up the organization of recipes.  I’m so inspired to cook!  I’m also inspired to go and work on my photography.  The heat and humidity have come to Denver, so it’s definitely an inside type of day!


What are you doing today?