And the winner is.....

You didn't think I'd tell you right away, did you?  First you have to join me through my day of eats.  I have a food debacle story to share. But alas, that will wait for tomorrow.
Today I started with Vanilla Oikos.  This is my favorite flavor, but it is 30 more calories than the plain.  Not that 30 calories would totally sway me.  But it is something.
There you go, the nutritional info (and Denver in the background!)
The final product:
  • Vanilla Oikos
  • .5 serving flax
  • 2 T granola
  • 2 T Just Blueberries
So tasty!  Lunch was also non-solid, and I made a green monster.  This tasted off.  Not enough fruit I think
The green monster included
  • half a banana
  • 15 blueberries(the end of the carton)
  • handful of spinach
  • serving of flax
  • serving of chia
  • 1 c nonfat milk
Dinner was at book club and it was tasty, but I can't pronounce or spell the main dish (awesome Moroccan chicken) cous cous and salad
I came out as a food blogger to the book club tonight (and if you are reading this, Hi bookclub!).  So that's why I could take pictures.
Dessert was Key Lime Cake. And you all know how much I love cake....Don't worry I only had a piece! And it was tasty.

I guess I don't have anything more profound to say tonight.  I'm sleepy...But, I have bigger things to announce.  The giveaway results!

Before I announce the winner, I want to say, all of you that entered and didn't win are automatically entered in the next round! Yay!  So, we have two winners, one Denver winner, and one shipping winner.  The local winner is....Coley!  And the shipping winner is Abby!  So Coley and Abby please email me at