4:50 AM...

It was about 4:50 this morning that Dan woke me up.  He wasn't being cruel and unusual, it's his wake up time before a race.  After a few minutes of deliberation I decided to go with him and we were up and out the door at FIVE AM.  I grabbed a Tangerine Mix 1 and we were on the road (note the clock time 5:25)

So, yeah, It's 6 pm and this is my first post, and it'll be short.  Oh so sleepy.  But in the end it is always worth it.  Especially when you get to watch your husband win the race, yay! Go Dan!  (there will probably be more Dan pictures than Beth pictures because I'm always behind the camera...I like photography, what can I say!)
 Since he won we had to stick around for the awards ceremony.  Boy did time slow down, I was glad that I brought some snacks, but they weren't enough.
After the ceremony I grabbed my first coffee of the day, yay!  I needed the energy boost (of course, it has worn off by now).  We had some friends over after the race for burgers etc.  I ate way too many tostitos.  Oh so bad.  Of course hubby made some fantabulous burgers.  Today's mixture was garlic, sage, rosemary, salt, pepper and grated mozzarella.  We had more mozzarella on top.  (I did not eat that whole bun). 
Our friends Amy and Jordan brought some awesome fruit salad.  Amy also raced today and came in second behind the 2004 Olympic bronze medalist. Go Amy!
Yum!  Now I'm fading fast.  The last two weeks have been so busy and I just haven't had a chance to really decompress.  Hopefully tonight, we are planning on going offline for a bit and relaxing!  Happy Saturday!