Happy Fourth of July! I love long weekends like this, my google reader is down to a reasonable level, I've gotten a few things ticked off my To Do list and got to see some friends I haven't seen in ages last night. Apparently Denver hosts fireworks on the 3rd of July and one of my friends knows her stuff, so she planned a barbecue and fireworks viewing party at the ultimate location. Unfortunately, we had a freak storm and so the BBQ had to be relocated inside, but thanks to the crazy Denver weather, it was all dry by the time we were ready for fireworks.

It was great to go out and eat like a normal person and just limit my quantities, we brought turkey burgers and whole wheat buns with a side of lemony green beans. The hostess made a peach salad with amazing CO peaches and another friend brought apple pie. It was definitely an all American meal. I ended the night satisfied but not full.

To gather the items we needed, I had to venture to the target. It's not often that I go grocery shopping by myself, but I went and didn't make any really bad decisions. Go me! I closely read all the ingredient labels and only slipped up once, with a snack sized bag of combos. Not so bad. I did find some fun food items to play with. I'm moving away from my quakes and 100 calorie packs, but my sweet tooth hasn't gone away. Left on its own, it may lead me to making bad decisions, so I'm on the look out for healthier more natural sweet snacks.

I have been reading about Vitalicious Vitatops for awhile now starting with Hungry Girl and now from all of you! So, I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about. I decided to start with two flavors. Golden Corn And Deep chocolate.
As you can see there are a lot of ingredients, but they didn't seem so bad. The nutritionals seemed pretty good too. I tried the Corn Bread option this morning. It didn't hold me very long. But it was pretty tasty. I tried a little I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray, and it was good, but it didn't need the extra help. Overall I will give this a thumbs up. However, I wonder if I can make better tasting treats with more whole ingredients? I'll try the Deep Chocolate later and let you know what I think!
The other ingredient I got was Diced Pimentos for Pimento Cheese, this was a specialty of my grandmother's and nothing says summer like a Pimento Cheese Sandwich with bread and butter pickles! More recently, I've been inspired by this lovely recipe that Kelsey from Bites and Bowls has published. Now I need to choose which recipe to choose!
Mamma's recipe:

1lb SHARP White Cheddar Cheese
1 jar pimentos and liquid
1 t sugar
cayenne pepper
1 T mayonnaise.

Blend all ingredients with a hand held mixer. Spread on bread grill with butter and serve with pickles!
Unfortunately, at the store I didn't get any of the other ingredients that I need so I'll have to go out and pick them up for a delicious treat. Review will come later!

How are you celebrating the fourth of July?