Trip pics and Fooooood

I have finally uploaded pics from our trip to New York, and yes, I'm gonna post them here.
Each room was bigger than my sister's NY apartment!  The first picture of the Chrysler building was taken at 5 am when I first realized it was outside!  Of course, that was the same time I realized it was down pouring outside.  Not awesome.  But it was fun to spend the night and morning in the city, something I don't think I've done before!  My dad lives right outside the city so I've always experienced NYC as a day trip.  The morning of the race( 5:00 am) I caught a cab from the Waldorf Astoria and asked the cabbie to drop me off at the corner of 83rd and Riverside.  I totally sounded like a hooker...
Onto today, I'm back to the swing of things!  I remembered my camera and had a balanced meal. Breakfast was a Mix 1 and a low sodium V8.
Lunch was less balanced.  I finished off the Pad Thai and a 100 calorie pack from the flight on Sunday.
My dessert was delicious, of course, a Super Charge Me cookie.
Now that hubby is home and back into the cooking rhythm we were had a tasty dinner!  Salt and Pepper Chicken and Sweet Potato French Fries.  The fries were still mushy, not crunchy.  Booo.
Stay tuned! The Giveaway will be announced tomorrow!!!! I've gotten a few guesses, anyone else want to hazard a guess?