A few months ago I was really nervous about anyone finding out about this blog.  However, now that I've started sharing the blog with friends and family, I don't know why I didn't share it before!  Specifically, I feel like the blog has helped my older sister and I stay in closer touch.  Which is awesome.  So, yay blog!

Another thing I'm thankful for is my new bootleg balcony.  Yes it is terribly cheesy to have an upholstered chair on my balcony but it's my favorite part of each night.  I love sitting out there and reading and smelling the outside smells.  Strange thing about it though, I am really terrified of heights!  Who knew!  The entire time I'm sitting there (still a good three feet from the edge of the balcony) I can tell I'm nervous about falling off, or accidentally dropping my ______ (fill in the blank-blanket, book, ipod, glasses, blackberry) over the balcony.  I had no idea I had such a strong fear of falling!  Has anyone else developed fears later in life (or realized fears that were always there?)

My food was much of the same today.  The day started with a liquid breakfast (not THAT kind of liquid breakfast people!)  I actually don't like this mocha lite.  It's too artificial tasting.  No, an alien has not taken over my body, I've really just lost my taste for fake sugars.  Weird!

 My mid morning treat was watermelon again.  Is there a Watermelon Addicts Anonymous?  I know you were thinking it!
I am so sick of my lunch, a chicken thigh (fat and skin scraped off) and apples.   Blergh.  However, this definitely shows an improvement for me.  Usually I pick food because of taste.  My focus on nutrients has really kept my cravings in check.  Heck, I've gone to Panera almost every day and left with just a coffee.
My snackies right now are all sweet.  I need to think of a natural savory snack that is not plain nuts.  I don't love me some nuts....Any ideas?  Trail mix may be good, but I dunno.  I did break into my chocolate vitatop.  Wow this smelled good.  Which was helpful to my entire floor since someone heated up shrimp in the kitchen-now, I love shrimp, but strong smells in a cube farm are just gross. So I replaced that smell with deep chocolate.  (and that is always a good smell!)
Would you be surprised if I told you that I was dreaming about chinese take out the whole way home?  No?  Well you do read my blog then!  I so wanted food to appear on my plate.  But, I have an artichoke that would not be good on Tuesday.  So I went after food I already had.  Artichoke and Fiber One Caramel Delight.
I may be obsessed with artichokes.  But, they are an amazing diet food.  First, low calories/high fiber.  Second, easy to make.  Third, they take for.ever to eat.  It gives your tummy time to realize it's full before you are done eating.  Fourth.  Delicious!  I just love them. 

What's your favorite diet food?