I have been waiting for Friday all week! I have no idea why, but this week seemed oh so long. And today, even longer.

Hubby is out of town, so I had to get myself ready this morning! I know, the tragedy. I even had to walk to work. So, to treat me for the difficulties I had to endure, I decided to stop by Panera to get a coffee. And, as I said earlier I walked out with just my coffee. It lived up to my expectations. Yum!
Today, I brought in a Dark-Berry Mix 1 I think this is my favorite flavor, so refreshing and just the right amount of sweet. Yum! I also like that I picked the 115 calorie Mix 1 since I couldn't resist what came next.Donuts! Well, donut. Perfectly delicious, and better yet, I only had one. I had packed lightly today so I had calories to spare. While this wasn't a healthy choice by any means, I had one and left it at that. I even resisted going out to lunch.
Instead my lunch was, what I thought was 3 ozs. Much to my surprise there was a ton of fat under the skin that went straight into the trashcan. So I'd say much closer to 2 ozs, if that.
I followed with the Vita Top that I didn't eat at breakfast, I skipped the toaster since ours seemed gross. But it just wasn't the same...
I snacked on this super charge me cookie. Perfectly tasty.
As I said the other day, the afternoons often serve as a challenge when I'm 'hungry' or at least snackie, so I did decide to pop some popcorn (in the airpopper) and bring it to work. Brilliant. It was nice to have a lot of pieces of something to munch. This could be a good low impact solution to my afternoon munchies!