I need to sleep more. I apparently need 8 full hours. I got home late today, I realized I had been gone for 12 hours, which come to think of it wasn't too unusual when I was in DC and had a really long commute, but now that my trip to work is so short, I've been spoiled!

By the time I got home I was pooped and since Hubby is on his way to Puerto Rico I'm on my own for dinner. Although, as always he left me with leftovers made especially for his absence. I know, I'm totally spoiled. Of course I'd be more spoiled if I had all the time in the world to go on trips with him to places like Puerto Rico!

All that aside, I came home craving an egg roll. Not sure why but I wanted one so bad. I spent about twenty minutes talking myself into and out of ordering Chinese food. I had a few different ideas of what to order but two thoughts kept playing large in my head "Think of the sodium and calories!" and the other "do I really want to show my readers that I ate all of that!?" Did I give in? Or did I make good decisions. I guess you will just have to check it out for yourself!

Breakfast was a Lime Mix 1 that I drank on my way back from the airport. This one was perfect. I did stop at starbucks and treated myself to a skim latte. I wanted a pastry but went through the drive through to reduce temptation and succeeded!I have FINALLY finished this mediocre/gross watermelon.
I really enjoy the addition of the Ezekiel English Muffin to my lunch. A great nutrition punch without too many calories. Also a Super Charge Me cookie. MMMMM when I finish these I'm totally making TJ's Chia Bars. Can't wait!
I had the last half of the grilled chicken. Still tasty, but I was much more excited about the english muffin so I scarfed this down.
And what did I have for dinner?! Leftovers! I had chicken with Leeks and apples (found in the Real Simple) But since an alien has taken over my body, I no longer want to eat the skin on the dark meat chicken, and so this is my naked chicken thigh, I even scraped off the gook from under the skin. (what happened to me and my desire to eat the skin!)

I'm accompanying this with some sweet potato fries and one Smart Ones cone and maybe some airpopped popcorn.
Today is definitely an example of how this blog is keeping me in check. Thanks!