Shopping Spree

Usually my favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning/Sunday morning is to get up and run my errands before the world clogs up the roads and the aisles. However, today I was too wrapped up in the Tour de France to get moving until noon! Oops. I had a successful trip but had to wait in line to use the dressing room at Target! But, I did find a $17 dress I think will work for the rehearsal dinner for my friend getting married in Sept. woohoo!

I ended up leaving Target around 1 and started feeling a little peckish, so I munched on some crackers I bought to do a little experiment. Wow these are tasty! Not necessarily 'clean' but they were on sale.
I also wanted to pick up some magazines to decide which to subscribe to. I loved Clean Eating when I bought it (did you know that EVOO helps reduce swelling. weird!) So I got a variety to try. I couldn't find the ones you suggested so I'll keep my eyes open!I can't speak highly enough of our local Sunflower Farmer's Market. It's not actually a farmers market in the commonly used sense, it's a regular type store with "silly" prices. Really things are super cheap. Everything you see in the pic below cost $29 and I splurged on the frozen potatoes and the Just Blueberries.

I did not however pay for the OIKOS, the kind folks at Stonyfield Farms contacted me to see if I'd like to try their product. I enjoy greek yogurt but haven't tried this brand. I also enjoy Stonyfield yogurts so I'm sure these wont disappoint. I'm going to try to find a fun way to eat one tomorrow. Also pictured are some artichokes, I plan to do a photo tutorial soon on how to prepare easy artichokes. Stay tuned!

It was 3pm by the time I got home and I had an experiment to try! I still have leftover pimento cheese and I'm thinking about bringing some to a BBQ tomorrow so I wanted to see how it would do as a dip. So I tried it three ways.

The first attempt was to dish some out onto individual crackers and heat for 25 seconds. Verdict: tasty, too much work for a low key BBQ. 25 seconds made it melty but not too melty, the crackers didn't hold up too well and were a bit mushy. Triscuits would probably be better
Second attempt is straight out of the fridge, this was my least favorite, melty cheese is so much better than non-melty!
The third attempt was to melt the mixture, I put it in the micro for 25 seconds, that was much too much it was too viscous so I let it cool and yum! So tasty. Verdict: this is what i'll do for tomorrow! I think 10 seconds might be a better heating time. Yum.
Altogether a fun lunch-time experiment!