shop till you drop!

 I went shopping today.  All day.  I was feeling out of sorts so I figured some target therapy would be good.  When that didn't work I visited all of the discount stores I know of, and that really did the trick!  With all of the temptations out there I only bought one thing of candy.
Embarrassing, I know.Food wise I did pretty well!  I found a few treats:  The fiber one answer to cinnamon toast crunch
Yum.  Instead of going to the store for a coffee drink, I have these little treats at home!  I did also feed an addiction....In all fairness, I'm almost out of conditioner!  It's shampoo that I still have a huge backlog of.  And this one looks like it may help my dry hair!

Of course I had to try out all of the treats that I bought!  After this shopping trip I went out again to find a comfy chair for our balcony.   Fail.  Instead, I decided to take one of my inside chairs and take it outside (is this really bootleg?)  I figure no one will know since we are so high off the ground and the balcony is so large that no one will see.  Right?  I'm excited to go outside and read my book tonight!  
I just finished dinner.  Yum! Instead of ordering greasy Chinese food I bought a package of Chung's White Chicken Egg Rolls and cooked them in the microwave.  (I had two of these) and some watermelon and some popcorn.

Well, I'm off for the night!  I just opened up Blogger in Draft, and trying to figure out all of the new formatting options!

Oh!  Also an update on this weeks challenge.  I walked yesterday and today, so that's two for two!  I'm volunteering at a triathlon tomorrow morning so I'll be on my feet a lot and may forgo the walking to ice my ankles cankles.