Rain on me

Happy Monday! Coming back to work after a long weekend is always so hard! For those of you familiar with Denver you know it rains many days for an hour or so and then it's done. Of course, the rain has to come while I'm walking home today! Booo.

Being back at work means I'm back to my work eating schedule, which is good. Breakfast was a mix 1 and watermelon. That held me until after noon, gosh I like these mix 1s. I turned down a trip to Mexican at lunch to eat the leftover hamburger (bunless) from last night. I have decided that I don't need a bun at all. This burger has so much flavor. yum.

Today I had a Super Charge Me cookie after lunch instead of my fiber one bars. My cookies were a little smaller since I made more than 12 cookies, so I don't think I had enough calories. I was starving by the time I got home!

Dinner was a bit of a jumble, this is always dangerous for me since it leads to over snacking. However, after the pieces are done I'm full. I totally forgot to photograph anything until I got to the artichoke. Artichokes get so hot in the microwave that taking time out for a photo shoot is great!I want to start working more on my photography skills to give you all more interesting shots each day!So hubby is looking for high calorie healthy breakfast options. Any suggestions? He's not all that excited about the green monster and is bored of oatmeal and can't eat enough eggs. Oh the struggles. I'm thinking something with granola, but he doesn't like to combine milk with cereal. We'd love some ideas!