Picky Picky

I have a problem with some decisions.  I always think that the next idea will be THE idea.  This is best evidenced by the fact that when I cleaned out the bathroom in our apartment in DC, I had 5 or 6 different full sized mostly full shampoos.  I kept thinking that the next shampoo will be the solution to the frizziness/dry hair whatevers.  This is the same thing as my weight loss, I have always thought that there will be a magic bullet to make me skinny.  I've tried so many different things and every time I embark on a new adventure I think "this is it!"  Of course, it is not.
I understand what I'm up against now that I've learned more about what it means to have PCOS and how this handicaps my efforts.  I've worked to stabilize it and trying to learn what my body likes the most.  This definitely leads to some of the jealousy that Mary  and Lyn(escape from obesity) have been blogging about.  There are so many people that started with me, or after me and are blowing past me in weight loss.  Day after day I see the same numbers on the scale.  I religiously track my food and exercise and nothing.  I've maintained the proper calories and protein and fiber and nothing...  Unlike before, I'm focusing on more than just the numbers since the numbers don't always play nice.

I have changed my habits to healthy ones little by little. and well, we'll see how long this takes!