Ode to the Vending Machines

I received a request to write about office vending machines. My biggest experience with vending machines is actually the two in my college academic building (yes, there was really only 1 academic building, it was a small school).  The machines were tucked away in the basement of the building which was also the library.  I remember so many times stopping by these machines to decide what fuel I wanted to take me through the rest of my class/studying.  

I was always torn between sweet and savory, and admittedly, I often got one of each.  I figured out early on that pop-tarts were the best bang for the buck on the sweet side.  Of course they were, they had the most calories. DUH.  At the time I thought this because they took the longest to eat.  Oh how I've grown since those days.

On the savory side, it was always chips.  Ruffled chips if they were there, sour cream and cheddar to be exact.  That is where my relationship with the vending machine ended.

However, since college, vending machines have never been as much of a thing.  In grad school, the main building my program was in (one of many I had classes in) was on a pretty big street with tons of options.  I honestly can't remember if there was a vending machine in there.  By that time I had learned that I should drink diet soda and knew that I should be limiting my choices so I often had bubble tea from a local restaurant for my mid class snack.  That way you can drink and get caffeine from the tea and eat the bubbles when the tea is done.

I know there is a vending machine in the basement of my office, but I have only gone once.  No, I have not built up a super strong immunity.  (as you can tell by my struggles with panera).  I have no cash.  I maybe sometimes have a $20 in my wallet, but since everything went to credit cards, that's all I use, I have no need to carry around cash and frankly, I think I'm better for it.  

There are so many ways that a cashless existence works in my favor.  I can't drive to work, since the lots take cash.  Do I really want to get that cheap pastry and put it on my credit card?  

Of course this works against me and I just walked to the local candy shop with a coworker and bought a bag of caramel popcorn.  Ooops.  I can not open it!

What is your diet nemesis at work?