I do love my Mix1s however, some days (weekends) I want to try something new.  Any reader of Kath Eats Real Food sees her daily breakfast concoction and if they don't convert you to oatmeal lovers I don't know what would! 

One benefit of staying with my stepmother is that she's also an oatmeal fan and so she shared her fave recipe with me, boy was it tasty.  Craziest of all, no sugar/substitute at all!
The combination included:
  • Irish steele oats
  • grapenuts
  • milk
  • raisins
  • banana
  • flax
  • milk
The raisins and the banana were great sweetners and the grapenuts added a great crunch!

I'm realizing that oatmeal could also be a good lunch on days I'm not feeling more inspired.  I also got to drink some tasty coffee out of one of my dad's US Senate Mugs.

I love this mug! Post your favorite oatmeal mix ins!