Moderation has never been an easy concept for me.  Not sure why, but it's the truth.  When I started South Beach 3 years ago, I was little worried about the lack of guidance on "how much" there were no limits on carbs/calories.  It was basically, eat correctly and here are the foods you can enjoy.  Does anyone else find this to be difficult?  That is why I eventually migrated to atkins because it had stronger rules to follow.  However, that is why I couldn't stay on atkins.  What is life without watermelon?

However, I've been realizing how I am doing what South Beach kinda wanted me to do in the first place(with watermelon though) I'm trying to figure out amounts and portions and which foods help and which don't.  Boy is it a slow process, and it seems like what works one week doesn't work the next. Through all of this I am practicing moderation and portion control.  This is greatly helped by the fact that I'm finally on a workable medication regimen to help my PCOS symptoms.

I must admit that this moderation thing is making restaurant trips all that much more enjoyable.  Instead of seeing a menu with little to no options, I can pick what I want.  It's great that I mostly share my meals with someone that needs 5,000 calories a day, so that he can reap the benefits of my not finishing items.  Now, if only the scale would reflect all the work I've been putting in!