MMMMM Burgers

Hubby made burgers again! He's getting more comfortable and made up this recipe himself. The burgers are a take on our favorite mushrooms (Mushroom risotto recipe from the Naked Chef) Included in the burgers today was:

  • Cremini mushrooms
  • Parmesan cheese
  • thyme
  • chili powder
  • lemon juice
  • salt
  • garlic
yum! Although, the ketchup wasn't necessary. To quote every judge on the Food Network, there was a strong complexity of flavors.What summer day doesn't have watermelon! They were on sale at Target for $3.99 YUM. Watermelon is definitely in season.
We cut the watermelon while we waited for our corn to grill! I love corn on the cob, and corn was for sale for .10c each! I loved how it looked.
I know these pictures are kinda repetitive, but I loved them.
Oh and the corn was delic! No grill marks because we grilled it in tinfoil, we'll have to try something else next time and experiment some. So full! Altogether a successful day.

I did make the super charge me cookies. I cut back on the peanut butter and it definitely didn't stick together well. No pictures though. I'm envisioning that these will replace fiber one bars as my mid afternoon snack.

I also did my circuit again today! I'm doing pretty well on all my challenges, I feel so much better eating these real foods. Also, I'm loving eating together on the balcony, the weather has been fantastic, not too hot and not too cold. There are so many reasons to love Denver; the fantastic weather is definitely one of them!