Magazine Reviews

Remember when I went out and bought a whole bunch of magazines?  Well, I glanced through each quickly, I felt like I was so busy putzing around that I have not fully read all of them.  But my first impressions of each from a healthy living/accessible recipes perspective.
Food Network Magazine:  This magazine annoys me so much.  There were some good recipes, I'll give them that.  But there was a lack of consistency with the availability of nutritional information.  The recipes seem easy enough but while the magazine is chock full of recipes, most did not appeal.
Body + Soul:  This one is interesting, the recipes look good, but I only found a two or three recipes.  There are good healthy living ideas, but I would probably not buy this again.
Self:  This was apparently the LA issue, so it was all about LA and living the California life.  This did not appeal to me.  The only recipe that looked really appealing to me, was their "skip the diet" recipe. Without nutritional information.
So, that trip was a fail.  I did however have a Cooking Light from 2003, which was stocked full of interesting recipes. So I decided to get a new issue of Cooking Light.  This magazine had some recipes with too many ingredients, but overall every single recipe looked tasty.  But boy did this magazine change over the years!  There are more healthy living tips and fewer recipes, but it was much easier to read and the recipes were organized in a better way so that you don't miss them!
I think that I will order Clean Eating and Cooking Light to come every month alongside my Real Simple.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys!