Look at me taking pictures at restaurants!

TGIF. I swear this week took forever. Oy! And what a long work day!

I started the day, like always with a Mango Mix 1. Doesn't it look HUGE with this perspective.This is a new watermelon. The color isn't as vibrant as the last watermelon, but the texture is spot on. So, I much prefer this watermelon to the last one. Is there a watermelon-eaters anonymous? I swear this is the perfect filler food.
I popped this popcorn last night but didn't feel like eating it. Even undressed, airpopped popcorn makes a good afternoon treat.
So, chicken is not going to be getting any modeling contracts any time soon. The apples aren't helping and neither is the lack of a plate. But meh. I took of the skin again and today's was really tasty!
Of course, a Super Charge Me Cookie. So, I made like 18 of these a few weeks ago and I'm eating one a day for each work day. No snacking no cheating. Just one post lunch cookie. I still have a bunch left. I should probably bring some on my trip next week so I have something tasty to keep me away from those tempting restaurants.
It's official I am in love with these Ezekiel English Muffins. Sweet and satisfying. The muffin is so flavorful on it's own, and is best when toasted. I need to buy more. That being said, I have had one a day as part of my pre-planned meal, these are not binge inducing foods.
So, didn't that look healthy? Well, that's the end of healthy for today! Now, I did not get shots of everything I ate today. You are missing a few snacks I had at home (watermelon etc.) But I went to happy hour tonight. And well. Yeah. We split these mozzarella sticks. I used to think these were only a 'semi cheat' on Atkins. (lie!) I had 2.5 of these, and boy were they tasty!
Also what you are not seeing is the random waffle fries I stole from my friend. (thanks!)
I don't know if I'm used to all these calories at once! I was fine after this. But when my friend suggested cupcakes...Well....Who can say no! But dear readers fear not, your hapless hero picked the mini option. My treat was the mini cupcake with the 'mint leaf' mmmmmmm
We went to The Shoppe. It is the cutest little shoppe! They actually mix and serve cereal for breakfast and have such tasty cupcake options! I chose the mint chocolate chip and my review is tasty, but too much chocolate not enough mint. But oh the options I want to try, and it's a local place with such a FUN atmosphere. Go to the website and check out the cupcake drawing. Isn't it SO cute! I'm such a sucker for cute!
I swear, Denver has so much more to offer than I ever expected. I know DC has cute neighborhoods but living so far away made it hard to stay out too late or make quick trips on the weekends. I'm loving living right downtown and getting to so many diverse neighborhoods in such a short amount of time.

Ok, it is totally bed time for bonzo!