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Hello blogland!  What a difference a good nights sleep has.  I didn't quite get to 8 hours, but I feel so much better tonight than last night.  Of course I did have two cups of caffeine today...  In addition to the caffeine, I had a lime mix 1.  So good! 
I also had my watermelon.   The texture on this one is so much better than the last!
Lunch was the usual.  I have to admit that I'm sooo tired of my lunch.  I'm glad to be done with it! (after tomorrow)  I do still love my Ezekiel english muffin but I forgot to bring anything to put on it, and so it was just ok.
The Super Charge Me Cookie is still hiting the spot.

By the end of the day I kept hearing talk about cake and other yummy foods...Once again I wondered if I could just eat something special for dinner instead of what we have at home....

Laziness wins again!  I had a very tasty dinner of artichoke and chicken sausage.  I also added a bowl of popcorn and some watermelon (not pictured because I'm sure you are bored of my watermelon pics!)
My early mornings are going to continue!  My flight to my dad's leaves at 6:25 am.  Oh MY GOSH.  I can't even do the math of when my alarm will be set for.  Even worse than that, the race hubby is doing on Sunday is in the morning.  So early in the morning that I swear it could count as night.  His wave goes off at 5:45.  Which, to a certain Coloradan, is 3:45 am.  And we have to wake up a few hours BEFORE that.  OUCH. just OUCH.
In happy news, I will be doing a giveaway soon!  My first one!  In fact, one generous company offered quite a lot of their product so many of you faithful readers will have an opportunity to win!  Any guesses on what the giveaway is?!