How to Cook an Artichoke

A while ago Kelly requested a photo tutorial on cooking an artichoke.  Sorry for the delay!

First you need to arrange the necessary utensils, bowl with water, lemon juice, artichoke, kitchen sheers and a knife.
The first step is to cut off the bottom and top of the artichoke with the knife.
Once the top and bottom are chopped off, take the kitchen sheers and cut off the top of each leaf.

Once that is completed, place the artichoke in the bowl and fill it with water till it's 3/4 of the way full, don't let the artichoke float.  Also splash the water with the lemon juice. 

wow, our microwave needs to be cleaned!I place one large-ish artichoke in the microwave for 8 minutes.  This depends on the microwave and size of the artichoke.
And voila!  Dinner is served (or part of dinner).  I know ICBINB is not natural in any way shape or form.  But I'm only almost eating naturally.  There are some items I can't give up yet....
The artichoke is usually pretty hot, so let it cool before eating it

To eat I peal off each individual leaf and spray with ICBINB and eat the very end of the leaf.  (the part that's covered in the ICBINB)  yum.

Are there any questions from the class?  Any other photo essays you'd like to see?