Since I created the Recipes/Reviews tab on my blog I've been wanting to clean up my recipes so that they are easier to read. I have started changing some of them and I'm happy with how they are looking. I still have more to do but boy is it tedious work. If you are curious about something I've made and don't find it there let me know and I'll add it. I really enjoy recipe pages on other blogs so I figured I'd share the wealth!

My morning started with a Green Monster. I wanted to chew something as well so I decided to experiment and cut down the calories. Yesterday I started smelling(in a good way) the 6 lbs of bananas we bought last weekend so I knew they are ripened and were ready to get tossed into the freezer. I'm excited to have them waiting in there for me, now I need to come up with some more recipes to use frozen bananas for!

The combo I used this morning included: 1 c. milk, a generous handful of spinach(and a little extra), 1 serving flax, almost a serving of chia seeds, half a frozen banana and 3 small strawberries. Calories: 252, Fat: 9, Carbohydrates: 37, Fiber: 11, Protein: 15, Sodium: 176

I LOVE what the strawberries did for the flavor. There were only three individual strawberries but they packed a great flavor punch and who doesn't love banana-strawberry flavors. Yum
The food I was looking forward to chewing was the Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin (with all fruit marmalade). My review is below, you can also find it here.

Ezekiel English muffins look like little hockey pucks, very dense. I did not try to fork split, and since they are frozen I had to microwave them before toasting.

Flavor: Delicious. There is a lot of bread in these and they are very satisfying. The cinnamon flavor is strong and there are a good amount of raisins.

Nutritionals: Ezekiel engages in one of my biggest pet peeves. It advertises the nutritionals for half an English muffin. I have to say, I find this to be deceptive. It's not hard to multiply by 2 but if you don't read carefully you accidentally get 80 extra calories! The nutritionals are as follows:
(for an ENTIRE English muffin)
Calories: 160
Fat: 4
Sodium: 140
Carbohydrate: 30
Fiber: 6
Protein: 8

Overall I will definitely be eating these instead of the Thomas' kind. You just have to reduce somewhere else to make up for the extra 60 calories.
Of course the meal ended with some Dunkin' Donuts coffee. I didn't do a good job making it today so it may last a loooong time...

Off to make some Pimento Cheese for a BBQ this afternoon!

How are you enjoying your