Hi friends!

My blog is no longer a secret. (Hi sisters and friends!) I've been thinking about sharing the blog for awhile and finally started biting the bullet. I really hope that I don't let this new status change how I write. So, I guess we shall see! Today was another bad clothes day, I swear, none of my capri's fit right! Today's pants are totally loose but look terrible. I wore them because I heard it would be really hot today. Blergh. I'm tempted to buy some new capri's but medical bills and laziness have held me back.

Sometimes it is so easy to buy new clothes and sometimes I feel like maybe I should hold off for 5 more pounds. Anyone else feel like this?

As for today's food. Started out with a Mango Mix 1. I swear, I love these things!

If you look closely enough you'll see a Diet Dr. Pepper in the background. It has been on my desk since April or May. Strange how I used to have two of these a day, now I barely ever have one!
Here are the nutritionals and ingredients if you are interested.
Of course I had watermelon, this looks a bit washed out, I can assure you that it is awesome watermelon. I love summer and all of the produce that is readily available. Yum!
Lunch started with a grilled salt and pepper chicken breast. Now, I should have taken it out of the bag, but I'm not a morning person. I placed a nickle next to it for comparison, here is my question. What is considered to be a "Chicken Breast" The amount I have below is that a half of a chicken breast or a quarter? I always assumed that that is a half. Then hubby brought home big chicken breasts and this would be a quarter. I know a serving is about a deck of cards or a fist, but I have big hands and my perception is not so good (I can convince myself anything when there isn't physical evidence to the contrary)Accompanying the chicken I had some leftover lemony green beans and an ear of corn.Dessert was a Super Charge Me Cookie. These are probably smaller than a serving. Not sure, I made extra cookies and I think some size was sacrificed. I was still feeling peckish after all this food (I wonder if this is mental) and so I had a serving of prunes (not pictured because, well, they are totally ugly!)

Does anyone else feel unnecessarily peckish in the afternoon? What do you do to solve that problem?