Happy Pants

Hubby is off again, this time to San Francisco, I'm stuck here in almost 100 degree heat.  Boo.  However, this morning presented both a Scale and Non-scale victory(NSV)!  I stepped on the scale and dropped 3 pounds! Huzzah!  With this victory behind me, I had the idea to try on a shirt I bought a few weeks ago that was too tight.  It fits!  Double Huzzah!  And I must say, it looks cute with my "sad pants"  Better yet, Sad pants look better than they did last week!  This is a totally slow process, but I am enjoying it.  I eat interesting and different foods and trying out new flavors.
And tune in later today, I will have a picture of the GIANT chicken breasts hubby found.  Instead of guessing whether or not something is half or quarter, I am just gonna weigh the ounces I need.  More scientific that way!
Share your victories from this week! It's great to hear positive things happening in people's lives!