Today hubs and I decided to lay low and FINALLY open a grill that two of our friends gave us for the wedding. We also used this as an opportunity to eat on the balcony.Hubby made hamburgers that can be found here and some leftover chicken breasts rubbed with salt and pepper.
Hubby is modeling his handy work.
My burger with a side of bread and butter pickles.
This first attempt is giving us ideas for different variations of burgers and now I'm wondering about smaller buns. Do the Arnold's Sandwich Thins work as burger buns? There is too much bread in these buns, I ripped a bit of it off.

My changed taste buds include a pretty strong desire for ketchup. You'd think with my Pittsburgh roots that I'd already be addicted, but I'm slow.

P.S. does anyone know someone looking for a wedding dress? I'm trying to sell mine! Size 18W email me if you know someone interested!