So, I was in a bit of a funk this weekend and obviously did not photograph all of my food.  I didn't even track it all.  I'm now working on filling in the blanks and realizing what a difference it makes to slack on the tracking.  I realized my eating this weekend was not at all intentional and/or planned.  I felt a bit like what Kate described the other day and kept looking into my kitchen to find something to munch on.  But we don't have anything so I was spared.  I even did well in all of the (many) stores I went into.  However, I fell off the intentional eating plan.  I didn't get enough protein one day and too much fiber the next.  

All I can do is get back on the wagon and take pics of all the food that I eat, so get ready for even more pics of random snacks.  Prior to now I just shared the highlights.  I'll try to make the pictures either interesting or small!

When you have an off day, how do you get back on the wagon?