For no apparent reason

Whenever hubby leaves town I stay up late for no apparent reason. And we all know what happens when you stay up late, snacking! I managed to avoid that last night. Go me! I did end up watching Confessions of a Shopaholic (cute, doesn't follow the book that well) and Get Smart (I only laughed out loud once, was kinda long). I have a terrible habit of not being able to quit stories in books or movies so I finished both and turned in. But I didn't snack! Go me!

Dinner last night was more of the chicken from lunch, here is a shot of them without the skin. Have I said how much my tastes have changed with meat? I used to prefer the dark meat and loooove the skin. And seriously, I can't eat the skin. gross. WEIRD. I also had a Thomas' English Muffin (the fiber light 100 calorie version) with some all fruit marmalade.
This morning I slept in until after 8am! Go me! Of course I started with a mix 1. I should have made a green monster, but I was feeling sleepy and lazy.
This mango has been hanging around the house and was a little bad.
I wanted a little more so I had this waffle with agave. mmmmm. One was definitely enough
Now I'm content and watching the Tour de France. I love this time of the year!

So, my plan for the day is to fix up the recipe/reviews sections to make the recipes easier to find/copy and to add some that I have neglected. Is there anything else you want to see on my site?