A few of my favorite things

FatBridesmaid posted about her favorite things a few weeks ago.  It got me thinking about a few of my favorite things
  • My pottery barn ipod docking station.  Awesome and cheap! (got it on major discount)
  • My ipod (well hubbys ipod, but if he gets a new bike I get ownership of the ipod!)  Awesome tool for walking, makes the time go so fast!
  • Reef flip flops.  I know I'm not supposed to wear these right now, but I heart them.
  • Cake.  Preferably store bought yellow cake with vanilla icing. Best cake ever.
  • Mix 1s.  Seriously, good food fast. YUM
  • Stargazer lillies-the best fragrance of any flower
  • Sparkpeople-such an easy way to track my food and exercise, and I'm addicted to earning points!
  • TIVO.  As you've probably guessed I love TV.  Now that I have TIVO I don't have to think about it anymore.  My favorite TV shows just show up to watch at my convenience! 
  • Roomba.  Best invention ever, we no longer have to get a pet-roomby is perfect!
  • My air popper.  Air popped popcorn is the such a fantastic snack, and with Popcorn seasonings, popcorn gets dressed up guilt free!
Tell me what your favorite things are!