I failed Jack Sh*t's contest. there, I said it. I didn't lose half a pound in a week. This weekend really took a toll. I tried to be prepared, but nothing could have prepared my for fast food being the ONLY option. I'm up three pounds. The fast food was only part of the problem.

Once again a month has passed and I'm at the end of my bcp pack. It's Wednesday. Hello retaining water! I wish there was a way to not let this impact me. But I'm gonna just grin and bear it and keep drinking water.

Dinner was late today, and I forgot to photograph my food, so here is a fuzzy pic of some of hubby's food. Tonight's dinner was stir fry. Low sodium soy sauce, chicken breast, peppers, broccoli and onion (which I typically eat around). Yum. No salt added and it was delicious! Tomorrow is the last work day! Hurrah! What are you doing for the Fourth of July (or what did you do for Canada day?)