Eating with a triathlete

As I've said before, hubby is a professional triathlete and when we first started dating I ate just like him, and since he was injured at the time, we sat on the couch together too. I gained 30 pounds in the first 6 months we were together. Oops.

In May 2006 I started South Beach/Atkins and for the next two and a half years we ate completely different menus. We were both working and had long commutes, so I'd cook my frankenfood and he'd make scrambled eggs/sandwich/pasta. Rarely did our foods overlap.

It makes it all that much better now that we are eating the same foods. Hubby cooks one meal that focuses on flavor and the health factor. It gives both of us the chance to get the nutrients we need and the only difference is that he eats 4x as much as I do. I think we are both so much healthier now.
Today's food is pretty predictable, I had my watermelon to finish off my huge breakfast. Lunch was pesto pork chops, this was too much pesto, so I have leftovers. Unfortunately I left the leftovers at work so we didn't have extras later.
yum, pork chops were just as good this morning!
After lunch a super charge me and a petite shortbread cookie both jumped into my mouth!
Dinner started with my last artichoke. Gosh I love these things!
This picture * Shouldn't * be sideways. Boo. I must say, blogger doesn't give much flexibility with posting options. On the pasta was the remaining pesto, we didn't have enough for hubby's GIANT plate of pasta. Too bad I had leftovers at the office...
mmmm berries. This may look like a ton of cream, but actually it is a lot of water with a splash of cream and a drizzle of agave. This has to be my favorite summer dessert! Hubby even likes this tasty treat.

Do you eat the same as your partner?