Busy Busy

Gosh, posts get boring when work gets busy! I drove for 30 minutes to a meeting to give a 10 minute speech, but of course things were running behind so I sat around for 45 minutes waiting to speak. Almost two hours wasted. Oy vey. I did skip the pastries they had out for the 20 minute break that I had to sit through. It's so annoying to waste time! I have to admit, skipping food at events like this isn't so hard. I feel like if I were to give in it would just support a stereotype of overweight people.

So, onto the foods. A Mango Mix1. These have to be the best flavor.
I don't know what happened, but the super charge me cookies taste better than they did when I first made them. I love the combo of chocolate and dried fruit!
The watermelon is just meh. Can't wait to try the next melon!
These chicken breasts were perfectly cooked and a tasty way to get my protein in at lunch!

I also had an Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin, but I forgot to take a picture. It was a tasty addition to my meal though!
Dinner was hubby's specialty pasta. As always the mix includes Parmesan, oregano, and olive oil.

The house is a wreck because hubby is leaving tomorrow for a week and a half and two races. To make things more interesting, he has to have different bikes for each race, so our living room looks like a war zone!

Do you eat at conferences or meetings? Or do you usually pass on the pastry options?