Breasts! Chicken ones...

I was so excited to show you all my chicken breasts, the giant ones, but I didn't set up anything for perspective. So, flop. The picture is below.

However I'm getting ahead of myself, first I had a Mix 1. Today's flavor was lime. Yum!I was out of fruit so I added calories with a vitatop. This held me until 12:30, so not so bad! However, I don't think I'll use the office toaster again. Gross.
Here are the breasts, sliced a little to ensure cooked-ness. They are on our big plates. Really they are almost the size of my head!
Here is my 3 ozs and mushrooms. I removed the skin before eating.
I didn't have any other veggies, so I included a V8 juice. I'm glad I took a break from these, since they are much better now. (aka not so sick of them)
Then my coworker gave me a black nectarine(no, it's not a nectarine, crap. what is this?!) He didn't like his, but this one was SO sweet. I'm gonna have to remember what they are and find more. ETA: it's a black apricot! Phew, now I can move on
Another coworker brought in bagels and cream cheese, I was a little peckish, so I had half with a light smear.
Ok, off to make dinner, aka the return of the pimento! Also, my first time photographing my food in front of anyone other than hubby!