Bottom-less pit

When I was shopping earlier I picked up one treat Alexia Organic French Fries. These fries come in at 110 calories a serving. I couldn't wait to eat them for dinner! I didn't eat anything after the pimento cheese and I was feeling pretty hungry so I cooked twoish servings of the fries.And, I am from the 'burgh so there is the ketchup beauty shot. Heinz is the only kind I'll try!
So, overall thought. Meh. Flavorless. I think a sprinkle of salt would have vastly improved things, but I've stopped sprinkling and am not planning on starting now. I did grind some pepper and that added some kick. I'm glad I didn't make the whole bag! Now hubby can have the rest and sprinkle salt liberally (unlike most of the rest of humanity, he does need the salt!)

I also had some more chicken 2-3ozs, but frankly, the chicken does not photo well. So I didn't subject you to it! I also had a bowl of cheerios and a bowl of blueberries since I was a bottomless pit! I added the nutritionals into sparkpeople and I'm on the high side of my calories/carbs/protein/fiber. Some days are like that I guess so I decided I'd try something that arrived in the mail yesterday.
John is Fit was giving some FullBar products away and I was a lucky winner! The package came in yesterday and I decided to break into the bold cheddar flavor. Yum. The texture was good, the flavor was great. I kept drinking my water while eating to help them with their effectiveness.

Verdict: It filled me up! Horray! The package was about 150 calories 6g fat 21g carb 5g fiber 8g protein. The ingredients weren't all natural, but I recognized most of the ingredients. This is definitely something to think about. I have a few more products to try and will let you know what I think!