TJ's comment earlier today really got me thinking about food that must be banned from the house.  While I am thankful that I am eating in a way that one slip up won't "ruin my day".  There are still items that are bad news.  Just like the whipped cream Carb Tripper had in her house earlier this week.  Whipped cream.  Oh boy, that is something that if you read the per serving nutritionals, not so bad.  But seriously, who eats ONE serving of whipped cream.  Therefore, it is banned from the house.
It's funny for me, it is often the 'not quite so unhealthy' foods that I have to ban since I for some reason can't stop snacking.  Quakes have been banned.  The cheddar cheese ones specifically.  I can and have eaten an entire bag.  Poor hubby hates the smell anyway, so they are BANNED!
Triscuits, oh tasty triscuits they aren't so bad.  But, did you know that seven was a serving?  That seven are over 100 calories with very little return.  Gosh, I can find myself snacking on these till the box empties.  BANNED!
Tubs of ice cream, any tub of ice cream.  When you can take a spoon and have 'just a bite' here and there, well the tub disappears.  Therefore, I need to get individually wrapped or divided treats so that I know that one of those has X calories.  No cheating so tubs of ice cream: BANNED!
I'm trying to only have food that I think about before I eat it.  I have replaced the quakes and the triscuits with airpopped popcorn.  My popper is slow, so it takes awhile for the popcorn to be ready.  Plus, I control what I put on it.  I love me some skinny cows, they aren't perfect, but since they are measured already I can easily have one and know what I have eaten, plus there is some fiber and protein in there.  Not great, but not horrible.
What are your banned foods?