And...we're back

After a fun filled weekend in Connecticut and New York City, hubby and I returned home last night to some thunder and lightening and insane traffic.  Instead of the fun dinner we had planned, we ordered some Chinese food.  It was actually pretty tasty and I didn't finish it.  

Eating well while on the road is difficult.  It helped that my Dad and stepmother have such healthy options available to us, so the scale this morning wasn't bad at all!  I know I ate more calories than usual (although I didn't have time to track) but I did walk more than usual.  Especially Sunday morning after the triathlon, we had to walk quite a bit around the city.  It's always a little fun to see the sights. Best of all, after we got back to Connecticut, we went to the beach and I could sit with my swollen ankles in the ice cold water. Boy do I miss living near the water!

I have a ton of pictures for later and more information about THE GIVEAWAY!  I've only gotten one guess as to what it is (watermelon) any other ideas?  I'm so excited for this opportunity to share one of my fave products with you guys!