And now a message about our sponsors....

So, I was going through my inbox when I found This article "Approval by a blogger may please a sponsor" in the New York Times. The article discusses the rising use of samples and giveaways certain companies are using to receive positive press on blogs.

As a blogger that has received some free stuff, and reads many sponsored reviews it intrigued me.  However, I don't see what the big deal is.  I really enjoy blogging and reading blogs and hearing what people think about a product, but I do believe this platform is very different than say if The New York Times was given a free sample to try and write a glowing article about, or even different than a doctor being paid by a pharmaceutical company to write a juried article on a medication.  Bloggers are real people with opinions.  Not respected experts. Beyond that, most people indicate what was free and what was not.  (for the record, only POM and OIKOS have been free for me, I still haven't reviewed OIKOS).  However, for the most part, I feel like bloggers are just sharing what is helpful and what is not and what they enjoy.  

I know I would be disappointed if the Federal Trade Commission came down too hard on advertising through blogs.  Even when I'm not the recipient of the sample, it's good to hear about new and interesting products that may not have the same financial might as the leading members of the Grocery Manufacturers of America.

Check out the article and let me know what you think.