Adventures in mixing

There they are, the cases of Mix 1s ready to go to one of your homes!  I've never done a giveaway before, but I totally find myself hoping that each of you wins!  The contest is still going on and I'll pick a winner Sunday night, let's say 10 pm MDT. (Is it just me or does nothing ever happen in Mountain Time, it's always Eastern, Central or Pacific.  Mountain time is totally the forgotten time zone!)

This afternoon I ventured out to the grocery store to find some trail mix ingredients.  See, I love Salty and Sweet equally and sometimes I want a bite of each.  At the same time.  So, I figured trail mix would be good, and if I made it I could control the ingredients.  I just don't like peanuts. They are boring (sorry dad).  So, I went to the Sunflower and Target and came home with this eclectic haul.
yes, there are marshmallows in that pile.  I am ashamed. but apparently not enough to not get them!  I dutifully measured out each ingredient and wrote it down and placed it in a cake pan.  Then I entered it all into sparkpeople and came up with a creatively named recipe (Trail Mix).  176 calories per serving.  If it all went into 14 servings.  Yikes!  The bags came out small, but I made 14 bags (because otherwise I would not be trustworthy with the container).  I am hoping that these will be my munchy time treat and that I'll stop at one.  Knowing the calories totally helps though!  The final product looks totally heavy on the pretzels, but are totally tasty.
Yum, I totally taste-tested and was a little full for dinner! Ooops.  Good thing we were having a small late dinner of the oh so tasty Garlic Roasted Shrimp.  It was the first recipe I posted on this blog.
I don't think I ate half of that bread.  It was such a disappointment! It was whole wheat rosemary bread but tasted like cardboard.  I kept giving pieces to hubby to eat, he needs the calories.

Since I started at the end, next up is lunch.  Hubby made us some oh so tasty grilled cheese.  I had about 5 bread and butter pickles left, so I had to add them.  I may or may not have drizzled the pickle juice on the finished product!
Breakfast was far less creative, I need to make oatmeal the night before and have it ready in the morning.  I never want to go through the work!  Instead, I had a bowl of fiber one caramel delight and a peach.
Overall a tasty day.  I love my flex days when I can get a ton of stuff done (like selling my wedding dress!)  I ordered a new version of photoshop that should work on a Vista, and I can't wait for it to come.  Hubby is working on his website and I want to help out more, but Picasa doesn't do the trick.

We're headed to Wyoming tomorrow! Any advice on good restaurants in Cheyenne?