Adult Baby Food

First off, have you checked out the giveaway?  Go and enter your chance to try some Mix 1!!!!

Second, I sold my wedding dress! HOORAY!  I'm so excited that it'll be a part of someone else's wedding, that it won't grow old and stale in my tiny closet, and that I recouped some of the cost!  I can't wait to reorganize my closet now that I have all this extra space.  I think I will use the money to buy a new version of photoshop that is compatible with Microsoft Vista.  Is anyone else annoyed by how many programs aren't compatible with Vista?  Annoying!

Finally, my friend A sent me this article a few days ago about a book written by former FDA Commissioner David Kessler: The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite.(note: I have not read the book yet, my reactions are to the article)

A few comments in the article really spoke to me.  First off he was talking about conditioned hypereating and about the overly processed foods (adult baby food) full of empty calories that do not satisfy.  The adult baby food goes down in a couple of bites and stimulates the body to want more, and it does not trigger a feeling of satiety.   Which is so true.  A bowl of sugared cereal, even a bowl of Rice Krispies doesn't keep me full for very long. I always want more.

He also states that reward foods used to be occasional and more difficult to obtain.  They would be made on special occasions.  Now all food is a reward, and it is so easily accessible.  Wow, isn't that true?  Sugared cereals, fish and chips, burgers and fries.  These foods can fill an entire day's diet.  Where is the nutrition? The balance?

As I have said before, the last time I did Weight Watchers, I filled up on the WW treats.  Even earlier this year I was measuring and counting but still filling my diet with packaged treats.  Now that I'm going for real food I'm making choices based on the nutrients in a food, I have targets for fiber and protein and sodium.  I have to turn down food that doesn't fit into my day and be intentional about my choices. Despite my scale not really going anywhere, I am eating well and staying satisfied.  I realize that I like the mix of flavors and different textures that I have found in these foods.

Most interestingly (to me) Dr. Kessler does not say that this is an affliction for just over weight people.  He makes a point to say that most of us are conditioned to hypereating and that they learned techniques to deal with it.  But this is not something just for overweight people.  It seems to be non-judgmental.  I like that.  My friend got the book and is reading it, so I'm curious to see what she says, and if it's good, I may read it when she's done.

What do you guys think about conditioned hypereating?  Have you read this article?