4th of July Challenge

A few months ago I joined Chubby Chick's 4th of July Challenge with the goal to lose 25 lbs. I lost 11.2. I missed another challenge goal. However, I believe I'm a healthier person than I was when I began since I restructured my focus and my eating to venture away from chemicals and processed foods.

This is why I'm instituting personal challenges. I think I know what my next challenge will be. Kath and Caitlin have come up with a 10 minute circuit training. This seems like a perfect challenge for me! So, starting today I will do three 10 minute circuits over the next week.

Here's a recap of how things are going:

Lent: Gave up diet soda (regular soda was given up ages ago)
June Challenge #1: Salt
  • stopped adding salt to foods
June Challenge #2: On the wagon, no more drinking while I'm on blood thinners!
June Challenge #3: adding chia seeds
  • chia seeds were added to a chia fizz drink and three green monsters!
June Challenge #4: Giving up artificial sweeteners!
  • I use purchased agave and used honey instead of sugar free maple syrup.
July Challenge #1: Recommit to all previous ideas.
  • Even when hubby forgot to include the salt in a recipe, I didn't add any. I haven't had any soda, I have been drinking coffee without equal and of course I haven't had any alcohol. I haven't had time to make a chia fizz again, but I will!
July Challenge #2: 3 10 minute circuit training

I need to get back into strength training and I hope that including these into my every other daily routine that I will start firming up!