Back when I was doing low carb I was so restricted with what I could and could not eat that there were some non-negotiables. Diet soda being one and 'drinkies' being another, I'd go for the low carb drinks but rum and diet coke. I always need something sweet to end the day so I had different types of low carb treats filled with fake sugar alcohols. The sugar alcohols threw my stomach into turmoil on an almost daily basis. Oh and then salt. What a great addition to any food. These were things I couldn't give up. Things I couldn't survive without. These are now things that are wiped out of my diet completely.

It's interesting what one can live without when you no longer need replacements for what your body really wants. I decided to give up soda for lent, I've had a few cans since then but it is not a part of my diet. Instead, I make POM spritzers and drink a lot of water. My coffee habit is down to one a day now that it's not free at work.

As far as sugar alcohols go, I did have some carb smart on Wednesday but it really turned my stomach. Beyond that I avoid sugar alcohols, I can enjoy real candy and sweets and I have to count calories so I can't go overboard.

Then there is salt. I don't plan to completely wipe it out of my diet, but I do plan to cut WAY back. I want to stick around 1000 mg of sodium or less. I never thought I'd enjoy a hard boiled egg without salt and pepper, but it is really tasty. I'm thinking of new toppings for sweet potatoes, pepper and ???? I'd love some ideas!

Now alcohol. I enjoy a glass of wine, going for drinks with friends, a refreshing gin n tonic on a hot summer evening. And now I have to stop for at least three months no more drinkies. At first I was sad, and last night when hubby had a glass of wine, I was jealous. But I think this will be an interesting experiment. Do I lose weight better without alcohol? Will I find a whole new realm of tasty virgin drinks to enjoy at the bar? I'm really curious about life without this vice.

This whole process of making one change at a time makes this whole process interesting. I deal with one change at a time and focus on making healthy choices.

What is your change for this week?