To Health

I think you can catch a glimpse of a dieters recent experiences when they share why they want to lose weight. We all have "something" that encourages us to work this hard. I think it's great that we all have so many different motivators, since each of us alone can not see the whole picture, and it's awesome to be able to learn from each others experiences.

I am the first to say I want to lose weight to look cute, to fit into cute clothes, to not fear breaking/not fitting into a chair. All of that motivates me. I'm 29 years old and I'm generally healthy (ok, stop your laughing, I WAS, sorta). I was a varsity swimmer in high school and college, and I've been relatively active, I've completed a 10 miler, I think calling it 'running' would be a stretch, but I wasn't last. This is to say, health wise, I feel ok. I 'can' do most of what I want, I can keep up with most people. I live with a professional athlete, so I don't even THINK about keeping up with him.

I have had a few chronic health conditions diagnosed in my early twenties, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis. However, the diagnosis of both made my life easier, not harder. I could finally understand and control what was going wrong with my body. I consider both of those conditions to be part of the wallpaper in my life. I take a couple of drugs to control them, but until we try to have kids, they don't interrupt my life. (The insulin resistance that comes with PCOS stinks, but that's another story for another day).

But now I have DVT and to treat DVT I'm on blood thinners, which at first glance I was like OK, no big deal, I take medicine what's another pill? Oh it's something. My medications for PCOS won't interact with the blood thinners, so that's good. However, the doctor really almost took me off my birth control pill(bcp). YIKES. I have to be on bcp for health reasons. So, he decided to let me stay on them. But I have to know that the bcp that I can't get off of, will put me at risk for future blood clots. awesome. But this is doable. I'm gonna start taking a daily aspirin when I'm cleared to by the doctor.

The blood thinners on their own are terrifying. I can't cut myself. Do you know how klutzy I am? Well, of course you do. Everything I do is done with caution. The food I eat needs to be checked for vitamin K. And this morning I woke up with a killer headache. What does one do for a headache? take 2 aleve. I can't do that anymore. My ankle hurts like heck, I have to just suck it up. I know I can take tylenol. But tylenol never helped me with pain, so I won't even bother.

So, this is a lot of writing. I'm saying it all to say that blood thinners are in so many people's future. Losing weight for health isn't a joke. It's not to solve acute issues. It's the chronic ones. high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes. My hubby's grandfather is on blood thinners. you know, for life. He's 93 and very active, so I'm guessing he's willing to take whatever he can to keep himself going. But I WANT to live to 93 and beyond. I want to be active into my 90s. I want to experience 100 more years with my husband by my side.

I'm realizing for the first time that I'm not invincible. I have a blood clot at 29. Strokes run in my family. It really adds a whole new importance to this journey. Our bodies can only do so much, and I guess eating poorly is akin to putting leaded fuel into an unleaded engine. It mucks things up, maybe not immediately. But it can not handle it.

It is my goal to now focus on smart eating. Calories and nutrients are to be counted, but I want to start looking into food to prevent heart disease and clots(are there foods to prevent clots?).

Who here is eating like this? I'd love to compare artery cleaning foods! All ideas welcome!